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What is the cause of man's inhumanity towards man? Of one human perpetrating against another, not to mention himself?
The inability of the fear based archaic mechanism in the brain to comprehend a simple, yet powerful concept: that there is an aspect of the self located off-site to the system it fiercely protects, which functions in essence as a GPS monitoring system, that when activated must see two things operating simultaneously within the lower system…


a) love and wisdom capacity
b) a source which is greater than the self which has the capacity to give both love and wisdom in return when called upon.

It isn’t necessary that the subconscious understand how this magically works. It simply needs to be shown, and at any point in one’s evolution; yet ideally from conception to 7 months, as science now proves this is the timeframe which triggers the activation of the lower fear-based mind.

It all goes back to the womb which ultimately leads to a tomb-like effect due to being trapped in a world of duality, psychologically speaking. Only the Self can rescue the self from the lower dimension.

So that’s why… and now you have a broader perspective of thought.

Hello,I have been struggling with many mental issues for years including ocd,anxiety,depression and ptsd. I also have always had a "void" inside me. I feel absolutely nothing inside,I can't emotionally connect with anyone,not even my spouse or parents. No religion or positive influence fills the void either. Every time I try an activity to deter my attention away from the void my attention or interest can't be sustained. Please give me some advice on somehow making the void more tolerable.
The key is to steer your subconscious toward seeing You as your first line of offense, along with your capacities, and then to begin organizing your life from this perspective. Please contact me if I can assist you more specifically.
Hello, Dr. Ronda. I have a boyfriend that Has a hard time with accepting the hardships he's faced in his past and I was wondering how I can help him because I know he has potential to be this amazing person just doesn't know how to love himself.
Thanks for your inquiry regarding your boyfriend. In order to ‘love’ himself, as you say, he will need to facilitate his subconscious to first accept himself for both his emotional intelligence and his creative intelligence. Then he can move forward and organize his life from this psychological perspective.
That his subconscious mind ‘sees’ him as the navigator responsible for his ship (self) is key. From this authentic position he can then frame his past from an adult perspective, which then frees himself to creatively pursue his goals. You can’t do this for him but you can positively steer him toward himself, his capacities, so that he comes into alignment more quickly.
I’m happy to answer any further questions you may have. Please contact me if you’d like to make an appointment.
Best regards to you both,
Dr. Ronda
I have already spent a lot of money two times now for hypnosis sessions to quit smoking. I don't even count the first one cause it was a ridiculous set up. The second time was more of a therapy session with nothing mentioned in the hypnosis to dislike, quit or anything regarding smoking. Can you explain to me what process you take and what is said during the hypnosis session? I am want to quit desparately.
Thanks for your inquiry into the methods I use with my patients to quit smoking using hypnosis.
Before the hypnotic suggestions begin you are given a strong aversion to the cigarettes. You then relax into a comfortable reclining chair and are given a relaxation induction followed by powerful hypnotic suggestions which create a strong dislike to cigarettes and smoking as well as positive supportive suggestions while in an altered/relaxed state.
The “trick” in hypnosis and in stopping an addiction is to train the subconscious to see that You are in control and that the addiction is harmful to you. If you’re still smoking it simply means that your subconscious has not been given the adequate picture to convince it to oppose the negative aspects of smoking.
Please contact me if you’d like to make an appointment for a quit smoking session.
Dr Ronda

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