DSC0456842-225x300Since our birth we have been programmed to obey authority ~ from our parents, teachers, and clergymen to our spouses, bosses and government.

If during our foundational years from ages 1-5 our mother instilled into our mind a positive self image, and was concurrently capable of protecting her precious asset against the dark forces of nature, insuring too that our father took action and confidently showed us how to act with integrity and pursue our goals in the world, we then stand upon a solid foundation . If not, then there are cracks which need repairing within the very structure we stand upon in our daily lives.

The adage ‘Children obey your parents’ has a second line which states: ‘Parents, do not bring wrath down upon your child.’

Rarely is this line heard and this very wrath is what creates the level of duality, a complex web for the child to ultimately escape, or he will be caught in the trap of his own mother?s dualistic environment for a lifetime, both literally and figuratively.

The spirit of the child desires one thing: An environment which allows him to be Free. This is what the soul seeks. Our fear-based subconscious mind has been programmed since 12 weeks after our conception to look outside ourselves to people, places and things in order to validate the child, is safe, loved, secure, with no consideration to the developing self within.

Yes, ‘authority’ figures are crucial to the development of the child, but do they know what they’re doing? Are they capable? Often not, but ‘times they are a-changing.’

Making a ‘vertical’ move psychologically will activate the highly creative Supraconscious mind and an authentic identity will be ‘born’ allowing the individual to become his own Authority and fulfill the purpose his soul agreed upon before his conception. In order to accomplish this his spirit within must be free. Free to Be, to Create, to Fly.

Has the level of duality clouded your perception of who You truly are? Declare your right to be Free?Become educated with regard to how your own mind operates, and the pursuit of Your happiness will naturally follow. Justice for one will ultimately lead to Justice for all.

After all, ‘I AM my own Authority’.