“I went to Dr. Ronda for therapy for about three years and it really helped me. I was going through a period of intense grief and change in my life and I feel having Dr. Ronda to help me probably saved my life. She is a very intuitive, intelligent and expert therapist. Very personable with high integrity”

Sherry Gee

“Thank you, Dr. Ronda, for this amazing opportunity you’ve given me to help me overcome the obstacles I thought were insurmountable. You have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and I absolutely love it!”


“My experience with Dr Ronda was not only enjoyable but incredibly enlightening, insightful, and even profitable as well. I would recommend Dr Ronda for anyone who is needing powerful mind-medicine to enhance their life and to help move it forward. Thank you Dr Ronda for your kind, professional and caring manner… and your genius!”

Dr. Mitchell Mays

Author of The Mind Gate process of Empowerment

“I love your paintings! The ‘Shine Process’ is going to be a huge move in the right direction for mankind.”

Miles Johnston

“I have had a weight problem most of my life. I have tried all kinds of diets, but have not been successful with any substantial weight loss. I considered other options/ideas that could be beneficial to me. I decided to try hypnotherapy and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Graf. I was nervous being as I had never been to a hypnotherapist before. She made me feel comfortable right away and I left my first appointment feeling that I could indeed be trim one day. My visit with Dr. Graf helped me to understand the reasons that I was overeating. We discussed eating habits and the benefit of exercise. I began to eat healthier and enjoy exercising. With her constant encouragement, I was able to lose over 60 pounds in about eight months. Dr. Graf is a professional; well educated, a good listener and very kind. She is dependable and always ready to answer a question or return a phone call. It was a positive experience and if I were to have other issues in the future, I would not hesitate to call her. I was very pleased with the help that she provided to me and I highly recommend her.”


“Dr. Ronda has led me to fully understand the true work of love, light and wisdom for my personal journey. Over the last 10 years she has helped me to bloom and transform into my authentic self, with an appreciation for the creative process. I am forever grateful!”