An ideal time to access the power of your Supraconscious Mind

Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote in Psychology of the Universe: ‘The dream arises from a part of the mind unknown to us, but none the less important, and is concerned with the desires of the approaching day.’

The first question I ask my patients at the beginning of each session is ‘Have you had any dreams?’

If they have paid attention and captured this symbolic information, it then becomes a tremendous advantage to reaching their individual goals much more rapidly.

zzzDreams are vital to our mental and emotional well being on a daily basis, yet often these visions are misunderstood. We now know it is our subconscious which processes, via our 5-sensory perception, the data it has recorded during our day and downloads this information into our memory, or unconscious, while we sleep. Events with regard to our past and present are symbolically filed away until recalled either consciously or automatically on our behalf by our protective subconscious.

Dreams are the subconscious communicating to the conscious via the language of symbols, story lines… audio-visual byte clips of information we need to know in order to keep us safe.

If we’re quick, upon waking we ‘catch’ the dream and are able to decipher its meaning and apply the helpful information to our waking reality.

On occasion, our Supraconscious or Higher Mental Body intervenes on our behalf by broadcasting thoughts, visions, telepathic or auditory communications pertaining to our past, present and future. These ‘dreams’ are entirely different in nature and are communications via the ‘global positioning system’ of our higher consciousness.

While dreams that are subconsciously woven slip easily from our grasp, Supraconscious dreams are often burned into our memory for a lifetime and are easily recalled, even years later, due to their specific energetic nature. Thus, the impact this type of dream has upon our lives cannot be underestimated.

Regardless of which part of your mind will potentially communicate with you tonight, here is a positive proactive exercise you can implement as a daily custom and practice just prior to falling asleep.

Give yourself the suggestions:

  • I AM grateful to the Source of which I AM.
  • I AM one with all life.
  • I AM calm and relaxed, safe and secure.
  • I AM the Authority of my life and I AM a whole person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • I AM guided by my Supraconscious intelligence at all times, even while my body rests.
  • I see, feel and know that I AM successful in all areas of my life.
  • I know I AM receiving ample supply for all of my needs and desires.
  • I AM shown all I need to know in order to fulfill my positive healthy goals and desires.
  • I AM at peace now.
  • I AM grateful for all I have received and all that has yet to come.
  • I AM recalling and deciphering my dreams easily upon waking.

Remember… You are the pilot of your plane. Now you have a flight plan for your GPS to follow while flying solo at night, which will help you navigate your daily life more smoothly and efficiently.

Sweet Dreams!