Taking a daily dose of what I call ‘natural energy’ medicine simply requires tuning in and connecting to a source & supply that makes your body light up with an electrical current of Joy, Love Gratitude & Peace, resulting in an overall lightness of being.


Science has shown we are energetic in nature, that our body has intricate & abundant electrical circuitry from head to toe, and that we need a steady positive supply of electrical currency in order to thrive and stay alive.

I guarantee you it is more pleasant than those caustic doses of synthetic medicine that pharmaceutical companies concoct for you – and medical doctors insist you take, in spite of the adverse consequences and risks to your mind & body.

A daily dose of positive energy currency, taken in the amount required for your particular stress load, will do wonders for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Here’s how simple it is to give a positive dose of energy to your central nervous system:

Imagine you have a bright yellow three-pronged electrical cord & plug in the palm of your hand (your spinal cord-central nervous system). Know consciously and with confidence that you are in command of your body now, intentionally plugging your body into energetic frequencies that are healthy for you. Imagine these people, places and things in your mind?s eye now. Notice the powerful feeling of this direct electrical connection throughout your entire body?..and enjoy this moment with every fiber of your being. The three-pronged electrical plug is now running positive electrical currency to your central nervous system, giving you an instantaneous glowing connection throughout your mind & body, from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

It’s simple really, and doesn’t require but a moment of your time. And I promise you that by administering this healthy dose of medicine on a daily basis you will want more of this healing electrical currency, a whole lot more in fact, as you notice an amazing result begin to occur.

Your perspective suddenly broadens as your awareness and senses heighten?and your heart swells with the feeling of being alive, while your nerve branches become electrified with a magical healing elixir. You may even begin to feel compassion & generosity because you are now in perfect alignment with the very nature & frequency of who You are. Imagine your body coming into harmony & balance mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. Notice lightness in your body & the strong sense of overall well-being.

Now, be prepared, because you will crave more of this delicious electrical juice on a daily basis as your subconscious begins to register this positive affect on your mind & body. Your daily regime will now include a habitual ‘drug’ that is as natural to you as the air you breathe from moment to moment, day to day, year after year.

The key word is ‘natural’ and taking daily doses of this type of ‘natural medicine’ ensures that you will more often than not begin to crave your natural state of being. Afterall, you are a human being with a highly sophisticated mind that has the capacity to discern what you will, and will not, plug your thoughts and emotions into, and you have a powerful subconscious that will immediately respond to the very contact you’re plugging into. The evidence of this is the feeling registered within your emotional and physical body.

Remember, there are positive & negative energetic frequencies and vibrations, and everything is made of energy. Your conscious mind will quickly discern the connections that are positive for you and reject the ones that are not once you tune in and observe what you’re feeling.

Your body is electrical-current based, and its well-being is dependent upon positive sources of energy in order to sustain its authentic presence & vitality. Your physical body pulses and radiates with the frequencies of people, places & things with which you make a direct connection. What you plug into moment to moment affects your spirit, the very nature of who You are, by either enhancing or inhibiting your being?and therefore your well-being.

medicine48654By plugging into positive energetic sources which are natural, you can more easily unplug from harmful people and negative habits, whatever they may be, and tune into energetic frequencies that are in harmony with your authentic nature, your full presence. Further benefit includes the activation of your higher mind, your supraconsciousness, which will assist you in many ways throughout your day, while giving your subconscious fear-based mind a well-deserved rest.

Here are just a few positive energies you can ‘plug into’ by connecting to what You know and feel supplies You with energetically powerful electrical currency, which will ensure that your mind & body are glowing brightly:

  • Contemplate yourself as a whole person mentally, emotionally and physically while listening to your favorite tune
  • Exercise to music you love
  • Dance to music you love
  • Sing to music you love
  • Create a vision book
  • Walk barefoot in the cool grass
  • Take a yoga class
  • Learn the art of tai chi
  • Put paint to canvass while listening to your favorite song
  • Breathe slowly, and deeply
  • Exhale
  • Read inspirational words
  • Garden
  • Take a stroll along a lake?a river?the ocean
  • Embrace a sunrise
  • Be in awe of a sunset
  • Gaze at the stars
  • Find the moon in the sky
  • Kiss a loved one tenderly
  • Smile
  • Sit for a moment facing the sun and soak in pure, positive energy
  • Eat a organic salad
  • Eat a piece of organic fruit
  • Eat or drink some protein
  • Forgive someone, especially yourself
  • Listen to your child
  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Get in bed early tonight and reflect upon the healthy connections you made today. Then?
  • Sleep well knowing you will choose when, what, where and with whom you make an electrical energetic connection on a daily basis

Remember, You’re in command of your life! And by the way, you can also unplug that 3-pronged socket at any time, any where, any place if the current you?re plugged into is doing your mind & body more harm than good.
For your health’s sake, remember to plug into your daily dose of natural medicine.